Why Lonely Marketer?

Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve had some emails asking me why I chose “Lonely Marketer” as the name of my blog. Some have asked, “Are you lonely?”, “Do you work alone?”, etc. The answer? None of the above. In fact, I’m the farthest thing from Lonely. I have a great job working with great people, an incredible wife, two fun kids, and many who I call a good friend.

So why this title for my blog? Its meant to signify the difference between working in marketing at a large company vs. a small company. I’ve had the luck to do both and it always amazes me how different the experience can be. In fact, its that difference that inspired this blog.

Have you ever presented an idea or introduced a new project at a large company? A meeting is set up, 5 to 10 – maybe more – people show up, and you go out of your way to put on a show trying to sell your plan or idea. Half the room jumps on board, one fourth debates you on every point and tries to put their hand print on it, and the other fourth is just glad to be away from their desk for an hour. But, in the end, some good brainstorming has occurred, an idea is launched, and a collaborative effort begins. Of course, it could take 6 months to implement with different road blocks at a large company, but that’s for a different blog.

Now, a small company. Try launching a project or an idea here and its a whole different ball game. When you present the idea you also hear your echo because you’re probably presenting it to one other person and he or she is probably working on something else while your talking. Resources are thinner and time is at a premium. Your idea – which you think is going to change the world – is up to you to implement and run with. Of course, results are all that more important because the time and funds you put towards it came from something else.

So, the Lonely Marketer was created for the small company marketing manager. A blog for all those with great marketing ideas, limited time and budget, and only a small crowd to hear you present your thoughts.


3 Responses to Why Lonely Marketer?

  1. Chris Brown says:

    After 17 years in corporate marketing… then launching my own marketing company, I can really relate to what you term “lonely marketing”. Most of the initial start up with a new client is an education in marketing: difference between strategic and tactics. the difference between PR, Ads and Promotion, the difference between branding and product… all of that. Never thought twice about it in corporate, because I was surrounding with marketing folk. At Hasbro, I was hired in when there were 19 openings for product managers, so what division was I interested in? There the battle was for resources: who got to the best graphic designer, engineer, manufacturing debug person etc.

    Anyway, I wondered why you were the lonely marketer… now I get it. It’s like the Lone Ranger!

  2. Chris,
    I put up this page a few weeks after I launched the blog because I was getting some interesting emails from people asking about the name. I figured I should explain myself! 🙂

    Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. WS says:

    I have been a marketing manager for a small non-profit for 7 years and it is certainly a lonely position. If things go well polite golf claps are heard. However don’t meet budget and the silence can be deafening. It can be a very lonely profession. Not for folks with thin skin.

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