First, thank you for taking the time to check out the Lonely Marketer! I appreciate your time and hope you find reason to come back.

Why did I choose Lonely Marketer as the title of my blog? Click here.

As a small company marketer, you can talk print advertisements and mailings in the morning and be talking about blogs and optimization over lunch. Oftentimes there aren’t the resource or the budget for delegating and outsourcing. The small company Marketing Manager has an exciting position – maintaining a consistent marketing plan while expanding boundaries into new and unchartered territories. Thus the Lonely Marketer was developed. My focus for this blog is writing about and generating discussions on a variety of current marketing trends. Everybody wants to talk Social Marketing and search engine optimization. I do to! We’ll talk plenty of online marketing as well as other aspects of marketing.

With 12 years experience in many areas of Marketing, I’m excited to write about what I’ve learned as well as gain valuable feedback and input from what hopefully becomes a community of readers and contributors. While I’ve had the opportunity to work in Marketing for large and small organizations, I find the small company marketing to be the most exciting. The tasks and directions during a single day keep you on top of many trends and technologies. My hope is this blog provides valuable information and networking opportunities for marketers in all fields.


3 Responses to About

  1. Excellent ‘About’ page Patrick. It’s always good for people to be able to get some more insight. I especially loved the genesis of the name!

  2. Chris – Thank you for the nice comments! I appreciate you stopping by and checking out The Lonely Marketer. Thanks also for the great information on your blog – its a daily read for me.

  3. That is great to hear Patrick – your blog is excellent and I’m really glad I found it!

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