Introduce Us To Your Neighbors!

Another great community builder is going around the blog world – this time focused on our MyBlogLog community members. I picked up the list from Drew McLellan’s The Marketing Minute. Drew was nice enough to add the Lonely Marketer to the list – Thanks Drew!

Here’s how this works. The first link is someone in your BlogLog community and the link right next to that is the neighbor’s community. I’ve added Matt McGee, Chris Brown, and David Temple – all great sites to check out with quality information. So, grab the list and introduce us to some of your community members.

Andy Beard | Andy Beard’s Community
Andy Beal
| Marketing Pilgrim Community
Graywolf’s SEO Blog | Graywolfs SEO Community
A VC | Fred’s A VC CommunityConverstations | Mike Sansone’s Community
The RSS Blog | The RSS Blog and KBCafe
Black in Business | Jim Walton’s Community
Social Caster | Bruce Prokopet’s Community
Shared NeedLes | Jamie Parks’ Community
Brain Based Biz | Robyn McMaster’s Community
Branding Strategy Insider | Derrick Daye’s Community
Drew McLellan | Marketing Minute’s community
Liz Strauss | Successful and Outstanding Blog’s community
Patrick Schaber | Lonely Marketer’s community
Phil Gerbyshak | Make it Great’s community
Roberta Rosenberg | Copywriting Maven’s community
Ben Yoskovitz | Instigator’s community
Kammie Kobyleski | Passion Meets Purpose’s community
Chris Brown | Branding and Marketing Community
Matt McGee | Small Business SEM Community
David Temple | SEM SEO Certification Training


6 Responses to Introduce Us To Your Neighbors!

  1. Thanks for spreading the meme. It sure is fun to meet new folks like you who pick this up, as I’d never have seen the wonders that are you. I’ll be poking around and hope to make this a regular stop on the blogosphere trail.

  2. […] Introduce Us To Your Neighbors! « Lonely Marketer (tags: mybloglog web20) […]

  3. Thanks for posting the meme. Looks like you’re off and rolling with your blog on a much needed topic. You’ve got some great information here.

  4. Phil/Robyn – thank you for the nice comments and for stopping by my blog!

  5. Patrick,

    Howdy Neighbor! Thanks for the nod. As always, it will be fun to see where this meme takes us!


  6. […] #wpadminbar .quicklinks li#wp-admin-bar-clickystats { height: 28px } #wpadminbar .quicklinks li#wp-admin-bar-clickystats a { height: 28px; padding: 0 } #wpadminbar .quicklinks li#wp-admin-bar-clickystats a img { padding: 4px 5px; height: 20px; width: 99px; } Lonely Marketer […]

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