5 Things the Lonely Marketer Learned in 2006

Happy New Year! As we wind down the final hours of 2006, I thought I’d share some thoughts as many of the rest of you have. Looking back at what was in 2006, here are a few things the Lonely Marketer has learned:

1. With the exception of my beloved Minnesota Twins, the sports scene in this town is looking very dismal at the moment.

2. As Marketers, our target audiences are becoming more elusive by the day which, in my opinion, offers a great challenge to us to rethink how we market our products and services in 2007.

3. Years ago I spent most of a year in London and found I really enjoyed the theatre (and pints of ale beforehand in a nearby pub…and afterward). 2006 brought me to the Orpheum Theatre in scenic downtown St. Paul, Minnesota to watch the stage performance of the famous old movie White Christmas starring Bing Crosby. I realized everyone needs to have a splash of the arts in their life. It gives you a new perspective.

4. In 2007 we need to ask more questions. We need to interview our customers and learn what it is that makes them stay up at night and where they go to find their answers. As Marketers, we also need to sit down with the sales teams from our companies. These folks spend each day communicating with our audience – they will be able to tell us something we didn’t know in 2006.

5. Blogging rocks! 2006 saw the launch of The Lonely Marketer and I’ve had a blast with it. I’ve made a ton of new contacts already and have truly enjoyed putting my thoughts “on paper”. Where did MyBlogLog come from? All of a sudden its mainstream and a great tool – you have to love the new way we communicate.

As for my plans this New Year’s Eve – well, they’re a bit more tame than in years past. My wife and I have the kids to bed and we’ve just popped the cork on a nice bottle of Prosecco – a fine Italian sparkling wine we’ve been saving for the occasion. To accompany our wine, will be Season 1 on DVD of my favorite television show – The Office.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!


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