Monday Morning “Marketing” Quarterback

As a Minnesota Vikings fan, Monday mornings are a great time to play Monday Morning Quarterback. There are always many instances in Sunday’s game that can be reconstructed, second-guessed and talked about around the water cooler.

But, I encourage you to also play a round of Monday Morning Marketing Quarterback. I’ve made the habit of grabbing a cup of coffee, opening my results tracking spreadsheets and figuring out what worked and what did not from the week before. Which banner ads got the most clicks? Which Google Ad converted the most new customers? Which text seemed to connect most with its intended audience? I check all my landing page URLs and check to see which had a high bounce rate and which sent the prospect deeper into the site. I’ll count up leads and where they came from – giving me an indication of which ads hit the mark.

As a small business marketing manager, results tracking is key to any program you run. Otherwise, how do we know what worked and what did not? What spend was worth it and what was not?

I came across an article on iMedia Connection by Reid Carr talking about metrics and how analytics programs can give you insight as to how your web site is running.

So, take some time this morning and learn from last week – and of course check ESPN to see what the future holds for your team as well.


One Response to Monday Morning “Marketing” Quarterback

  1. tom schaber says:

    Great article on the monday am qb. Do the salespeople in your company track their activity with the same commitment that you do? Is there a way to tie in their activity, i.e. closed sales, with what you do and then track the revenue from the closed sales? I registered for the blog and have passed along the blog to several friends.

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