Blog Links Need to be Earned

I recently had some friends and readers review my posts and offer their opinion. I’m thankful for their input! But, a consistent question from them was, “What are you doing to get links into your blog?” and “Have you started emailing everyone for links?”. I don’t have two feet to stand on in the link discussion – there are others with much more experience at linking for SEO purposes, but I can offer my thoughts from a blogger standpoint.

A salesperson rarely gets business from walking into a brick-and-mortar company they’ve never talked to before, displaying their product and a smile, and leave with a purchase order. Rather, some of the best relationships built between salesperson and customer is one where much effort has been made to build a relationship. Over time the salesperson can show how their product or service can help the customer.

I feel this is the case with blogging. My goal is to provide useful content that readers enjoy and come back often to read. Hopefully, over time, they’ll find reason to link to my blog – and vice-versa.

In the meantime, please take the time to read Danny Sullivan’s post on Search Engine Land. He breaks down the details of a recent Google post.


2 Responses to Blog Links Need to be Earned

  1. I agree with you about links being earned but at the same time I think you need to be more proactive in letting people now about your blog. One reason I think you don’t really care about links is that you are not monetizing this blog which is good.

    You do provide some excellent information and that’s why I blog rolled you. But as you can see I have quite a few seo type blogs on my blogroll only because my blog is about sem seo education. You on the other hand may want to be more picky about your links so I think you are on the right track. Whatever you do, keep on bloggin’.

  2. semcertification – thanks for the comment and I agree with what you said. While it’s important to be courteous and earn links, I do agree that you need to be aggressive about letting people know about the blog. Any good tips on how you’ve built up a successful blog?

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