Advertising Proposals Throwing Curves

I’m in the middle of analyzing and signing a ton of print and online advertising contracts for 2007. The whole process has officially given me a headache this year. While I enjoy researching new mediums in which to advertise our products, wading through all the options available can be maddening.

With that said, I have a few observations this year that are unique to other years I’ve been doing this.

I’m being proposed more print and online bundled solutions from vendors and my pricing is based on CPI (cost per impression). I’m used to analyzing online marketing by impressions and click-throughs, but not print. After you untangle the mess of a proposal you see that these vendors are bundling their online with their print and jacking up their impressions with their print readership statistics.

These proposals are more common from magazines who were built on print ad sales and are having a tough time selling online ads because their websites don’t get the traffic that more online-centric websites and publications do. You need to be careful not to jump at the total impression method of proposing. I don’t believe it accurately depicts what you’re buying.

White Papers, White Papers, and more White Papers. Obviously, White Paper syndication is hot. For those of you not familiar, White Paper syndicators will post your WP content and pass along contact information for people who register to download the content. Its a great source of lead generation. The people who register to receive the content – you would think – are genuinly interested in what you have to offer.

Well, many vendors are now a WP syndicator and vendors are offering discounts on print and online marketing if you post your WPs with them. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big fan of this method of distributing your content – BUT, I don’t have any fresh content! I’m also a believer that that your content needs to be informative, fresh and loaded with the latest information – otherwise the reader may think you’re company is old news.

The folks over at My Educated Guess have a post up today talking about successful syndication. They also have a variety of other quality posts talking about White Papers.


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