Email Marketing – High Impact or Customer Irritant?

I suspect that in a few years RSS feeds and other cool eMarketing technologies will replace email marketing, but right now emails are a very viable source of marketing. Small businesses can truly take advantage of this low cost exposure. Much can be done in-house with basic HTML creation and database management, but even outsourcing isn’t that expensive these days.

BUT…and there is always a BUT…email marketing has to be done right or it can be a waste of time and money and a potential irritant to your valuable customer base. I came across a couple of articles recently that I thought spelled out some good email marketing tips and techniques. If you get a minute, they’re a pretty good read.

  • BtoB Online is a great source of information and this email marketing article written by Karen J. Bannan is no exception. She explains how to make the most out of email preview panes and text descriptions.
  • Bill Nussey of Silverpop writes a good article telling about some 2007 tips for email marketing. He talks about surveys as a relationship building tool and delivery times as a key to open rates.

I believe email marketing is a tool that you get out of it what you put into it. A quick, shabby job of producing the email and delivering it won’t give you high click-through-rates, conversions or page views. But, a quality, detailed piece can be highly effective and very informative to your customers.


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