Discovering “Pain” Can Lift Banner Ad Results

Is there a place for online banner advertising in a small company’s marketing budget? Absolutely! Banner advertising – those flashy graphics you see on websites or email newsletters trying to get your attention – has grown in popularity among advertisers as a way to reach a target audience.

But, small companies need to be aware that this can be a money trap unless you successfully plan out your banner campaigns. Segmenting your audience and targeting specific ads towards those audiences is a must. Buying a large banner ad on CNN. com when you’re trying to sell school supplies to teachers is called a bad career move. Small companies don’t have that budget and need to spend the time researching and finding highly targeted mediums in which to hit their audience. Once you’ve identified your target audience and selected the correct method to reach them, the next step is learning their “pain”. What keeps these people up at night? Learning their pain will allow you to tailor a message about how your products or services can solve their problems. The right audience, the right method to reach them, and the right message can generate alot of interest – not to mention take advantage of valuable budget dollars.

Jamie Roche, Co-Founder and President of Offermatica, wrote a good article called 3 Ways to Improve Banner Ads. In the article he states:

“Top advertisers have heavily increased their online budgets, with many suggesting that at least 15 percent of advertising budgets should be spent online.”

I think 15% is a conservative estimate – I’d say it should be higher. Jamie has some very good suggestions about how to improve the click-through-rate and overall experience a user has with your ad and brand. If you’re a small company marketing manager – take notes!


One Response to Discovering “Pain” Can Lift Banner Ad Results

  1. Barrett says:

    I agree, 15% of the budget for online advertising is more than likely a conservative estimate, especially among small companies. With specifically segemented markets advertising online gives companies more “bang for your buck” so to speak, and maximizing ROI is crucial for small operations.

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