Check Out These Blogs

As promised here are a couple great sources of Online marketing information. I check them out each day and always come away with new insights. Blogs are a great source of information for any Marketing Manager much less one in a small company.

Optimize and Prophesize by Jonathan Mendez. I heard Jonathan speak at SES San Jose this year and looked up his blog when I got home. Its a great source of search ad, content and landing page optimization.

Marketing Pilgrim by Andy Beal. Andy is a blogging and search engine marketing consultant. His blog links to great news releases and always has good thoughts.

Online Marketing Blog  by Lee Odden. Lee is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing. His blog has a ton of great information and news from the Online marketing world.

Small Business SEM  by Matt McGee. Matt is an SEO Manager for a search and media company based in Seattle. His blog is another great source of information for small companies working on a budget.

Inside AdWords by Google. This blog is written by Google itself and provides many good tips and tricks. Its worth checking out. 


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